Let’s Code, Girls

Carrying out pioneering activities for economic and social empowerment of women in addition to achieving social equality of opportunity, Borusan realized the project “Let’s Code, Girls” in March 2016. The project consists of coding training provided to daughters of factory workers.

The coding training is provided under the project for 8 weeks to 7-14 year-old daughters of factory employees of various group companies of Borusan.

The position of Turkey regarding the place of women in economic and social fields is below that of developing countries. According to a report published by TurkStat, the labor force participation rate of women in Turkey is approximately 30% as of the end of 2014. According to the 2015 Global Social Gender Gap Report of the World Economic Forum (WEF); Turkey ranks as 130th among 145 countries regarding gender equality, and the rate of women among senior executives in companies is 5%. It is also observed that girls in Turkey have below-average success in evaluations such as internationally recognized TIMSS and PISA that measure science and mathematics skills.

Borusan started its investments in women empowerment with the daughters of the employees of its factories, and believes in the importance of having more girls achieve equal opportunities.
It is observed that coding trainings has entered the agenda of the USA and European countries with recently developing technologies and training methods questioned accordingly. These trainings started to be adopted in Turkey as well. They develop the problem-solving skills of children rather than rote learning and support analytic thinking and reaching the results by correct interpretation of data.

Under the "Let’s Code, Girls" Project that is initiated in line with global developments, the aim is to raise girls in Turkey as strong future leaders who have self-confidence, analytic thinking skills and who can create quick solutions. It is also aimed to achieve success in fields where science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills are evaluated on international scale.

For the trainings, cooperation is made with the GirlCode platform which has been providing coding trainings for a long time to ensure that refugee girls and women can involve in life actively in the United Kingdom. The program aims to bring girls closer to information technologies to prepare them for the future. In the trainings, the students receive many courses from the basics of electronics to game, animation or story programming with Scratch and 3D modeling.

The project was realized in March 2016 for daughters of Bursa, Gemlik factory employees of Borusan. It will continue for daughters of factory employees of Borusan in different locations throughout 2016.

Please visit www.haydikizlarkodlamaya.org for details about the project.